What is Advantage4Teens's connection to the Common Core?

Dedication to Excellence in 21st Century Learning

Advantage4Teensunderstands the need for providing best-in-class educational materials that parents and students can rely on for an expert advantage in achieving these rigorous new learning expectations. We are committed to ensuring that students are successfully prepared for college and careers in a globally competitive world. All SkWids and Advantage content is correlated to the new Common Core Math and English Language Arts expectations for Kindergarten through grade 12.

 These new K–12 standards are built on the most rigorous and effective learning models across the country and around the world. Because of Southwestern’s focus on 21st century learning excellence, students and parents can count on SkWids.com and Advantage4Teens.com for an ongoing commitment to providing expert and relevant learning content in all subject areas for success in school and in life. 

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