How does work with my Advantage books? puts everything from your Advantage books to an online, portable resource. We provide you with detailed, easy to understand content, and videos explaining step-by-step instructions to support your learning. 

Advantage4Teens is an interactive, online resource to help with a well-rounded learning experience. Some activities that we include in your Advantage4Teens service are:
  • Quizzes - Prepares students for tests
  • Tutoring videos - Step-by-step instructions on solving math problems
  • External Links - Additional resources to provide you with more information
  • Downloads - Practice worksheets 
  • Articles - Summaries of school content
  • Life Advantage - Teaches kids valuable life skills for success.

If you are using your Advantage book with your subscription, go to the search bar at the top center of the screen.  Enter a page number or keyword that you would like more information about and press enter or the search icon.  For example, if I am using the Advantage Math book and I enter 41 (page 41 has example problems for using place value) in the search bar and press enter I am taken to a screen that will allow me to select the topic Place Value to Billions, Problem 1 on the page, or Problem 2 on the page.  If I select problem 1, a video opens that explains how to work the problem.  If I select problem 2, a video opens that explains how to work that problem.  If I select Place Value to Billions, I can see videos of all three problems under the place value topic, two videos on understanding place value, 3 worksheets about place value, or take an online quiz about place value.  

You may notice that your Advantage book references has recently been re-branded to  

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