What academic subjects does Advantage4Teens include?

SWadvantage has the following subjects:

  • Math - We include topics from basic Math Learning Styles and Foundations of Math to Geography, Algebra and Calculus.
  • Science - We have all the core science subjects to help with all grades. From Biology - Animals, Plants and Human Anatomy. Earth Science - Geology, Climate and Weather and Space. Chemistry - Periodic Tables, Balancing Reactions and Acids and Bases. Physics - Energy, Matter and Conductors and many more!
  • Language - We teach you all the Proper Grammar to Writing Research Papers and Analyzing Poetry and even Shakespearean Plans that you learn in school!
  • Social Studies - We've got you covered in this section! Whether you are interested in US History, Canadian History, or World History, its all here!

All these subjects can be accessed on the Lessons page.

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